Monday, February 11, 2008

{Shall we dance?}

Homecoming 2006
{fill up a gazillion balloons, add a pin cushion with a a gazillion pins (ya know the cute ones with the big white top), and put {one piece of paper} in just one balloon, that says, "now that you've popped the question, will you go to homecoming with me?"}

Winter Dance 2006

{carefully tape the words on a gigantic, inflatable {snowman} in your living room, take before mentioned snowman to girlfriends house in a driving rain and wind storm, have your mom stake snowman down and hope that it doesn't become air born in the hour that it will take for girlfriend to come home and see it....cross fingers.....hold breath....{now, breathe}

Sadie Hawkins 2007

{send boyfriend on a scavenger hunt all over town picking up treats and notes at 7 or 8 different businesses, end at a sign on the busiest street in town asking before mentioned boyfriend to the sadie hawkins dance}

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