Thursday, January 6, 2011

{the last few months}

i have been so busy and so blessed the last few months.

my dear sweet friend had a beautiful baby girl.

spending time with sweet friends. no! we really aren't this pale in person.

thanksgiving with my two favorite kids in the world.

madison at the turkey trot on thanksgiving morning. brrr! her first 5k!

annual dinner at the mikesell building in dowtown albany....huge success!!

making 60 centerpieces in 5 hours for celebration of trees

madison and zachary at the house on christmas eve.

madison making her favorite cookies. the silly freezer dough reindeer ones from the grocery store. i think about half were eaten before they were even baked.

and dinner made by my personal chef last night (including a flower apron) love it!!
so far 2011 is looking pretty great!

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