Monday, September 13, 2010

{killing time}

{killing time until 8:00}

{listening to this song right now}
How are you? that answer changes hourly! right now, good. gonna walk in half an hour :)
Are you really okay? probably, no. lol!!
Do you enjoy being single? ehhhh
Are you crushing on someone? yes
Do they like you back? yes :)
If so, why are you not with them? it's complicated
What's their name? **
Do you think high-school relationships can last? yes
Do you remember your first crush? i think it was brady mitchell in the first grade
Have you ever been in love? yes
Does anyone love you? no
Do you think there is a difference between love and lust? yes
When will you next see the person you like? really, really soon i hope :)
How does it feel when your crush doesn't like you back? he does
Is their anyone you couldn't live without? several people
Who is the last person you hugged? my mom
Do you like this person? no....i love this person
Who is the last person you slow-danced with? the little girls at pre-k on friday afternoon :)
Do you like this person? i love them so so much!!
Do you think a marriage can last forever? yes
Would you like to get married? maybe someday
Do you get shy around guys/girls you are crushing on? ummm.....EXTREMELY!!
Do you think you can know everything about a person? no
Do you love your friends? yes
Do you get along better with guys/girls? guys probably
Is your perfect guy somewhere out there or just a fantasy? or more like a daydream
Are you bored? der....that is why i am filling this out
Who makes you happiest? my crush....and no, i am not telling you his name
When was the last time you had butterfly's? about 10 minutes ago
Do you think you will still be single in the next 3 months? yes
Have you ever asked anyone out? no
Have you ever been on a date? on friday
Kiss on first date? maybe
What puts you off to the opposite sex? insecurity
What do you find attractive? confidence
Have any celebrity crushes? no
Are you thinking about your crush now? every day....all day.

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