Sunday, June 27, 2010

{my girlie is home today}

today was so productive.
got up early and got all of the laundry done, cleaned the house top to bottom,
and even mowed the lawn for the first time EVER at this house.
very proud of myself.
then my two favorites came home....madison to stay....and zachary long enough to grab something to eat before he was back out the door to go fishing all day.

lexie lou died this week. she was 10 :( madison took such good care of her until i was able to get home to help get her to the vet. little miss madison stayed in the room with her the whole time...until the end. brave, brave little girl.
i know lexie knew you were there for her.

gonna go and try to clean another spot out in the garage. i am getting rid of stuff like crazy and it feels really, really good.

this single thing is so good.

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Miss Anne said...

i am proud of you and your strong spirit. :)