Saturday, June 19, 2010

{crazy month}

june has been a crazy month at our house.
put the house up for sale for starters.
madison and ashley all dolled up for their second 8th grade dance at the bgca.

these outfits lasted about an hour and then they begged me to run them home to put on t-shirts, shorts, and tennies. they were just as cute....and way more comfie!

zachary and his big bro rascone at graduation

grammy and papa had a great bbq for zac's graduation party.
he made lots of dough.

senior night at baseball....zac and his mama.

zac's mama and her bff missy at graduation. are beautiful.

madison and miss ashley.
i think this was taken a few hours before i found them in a sugar coma laying on my driveway at about 12 a.m. the other day trying not to throw up.
so glad it's summer.....lots to look forward to.

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