Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{this is how i feel}

madison put this on our computer today as our screen saver.
i was dying. i feel as bad as i look.
big dark circles {because i can never sleep}, double chin {because i have gained like 30 pounds this year....not even kidding}, pale {because i am too tired to care about make up}, and lots of grey hair {which you might or might not be able to see.....oh, and thin hair because my health is so crappy it's all falling out}.
i need an intervention and a break and a change and a lot of things.
quoting my best friend "fuckity fuck."


The Haynes Family said...

Kam-I am sorry that you are not feeling so hot. Please take care of yourself! Know that we are praying and thinking of you! Love Sunny & Harper!

Kambria said...

Thank you friend. I am not myself at all. I lost myself this year and am trying to find my way back. I will get there. Hard to take care of yourself when you are taking care of everyone else.

Missy said...

Intervention on it's way :) I'm always here for you. Glad you called me last night. It's the start of a new beginning :)