Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{500 days of summer}

watched my favorite new little movie one last time before i took it back to the video store last night {in the pouring down rain i might add}......

loved it even more the second time. finally got smart and put it on the big screen on my computer and layed in bed to watch it.


it's not going to win an academy award. it's not the best movie you will ever see. it's just sweet, and charming, and i love the way she dresses.

it reminds me a little of "you've got mail".....another all time favorite.

i want a book shop like meg ryan's. and i want to dress like her and be cute like her....and get sharpened pencils as a bouquet. one time i had this hair cut and it was super cute....well, at least everytime i came out of the salon. then reality set in and i had to do it myself and it wasn't so cute, but you get the idea.

go rent {500 days of summer}.

it's a cute rainy afternoon movie.

1 comment:

Missy said...

how have I not seen this movie? I must rent it asap!