Sunday, November 29, 2009

{thanksgiving weekend}

had a couple of extra kids with us for thanksgiving this year....

calvin and his four year old sister amya.

we had a great time. i forgot how exhausting it is to chase after a four year old.
i admit it. i am getting older. don't think i could do it full time. it was good for me to have her five days and get a fix and then send her home. don't get me wrong, she was an angel....but, i am tuckered out!

took them both home this afternoon and then took calvin and maddie to the rogue brewery for lunch. calvin lives in newport and had never been, so that was kind of fun for him

went to the carousel in salem on saturday and to the mall to see santa.....3 times.

had a great thanksgiving with family in oregon city.
my mom took some great pictures and i will post some as soon as i am able too.
busy week ahead with celebration of trees. i am ready for the christmas break.

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