Saturday, November 7, 2009

{senior night at south}

rainy, sloppy night at south for {senior night}
the whole time i kept thinking....this is really the last time i will be at a high school game watching my son play. it was really surreal.

we brought lots of blankets and bundled up and braved the cold. madison was a trooper. she had a bunch of friends at the game, but wanted to sit with her family to watch her brother's last game. what a sweet girl.

here's zac with john and i after they introduced all the seniors.
i don't know why in the heck he has his helmet on. the only one.
he kept saying he was freezing and didn't want to take it off. like his little hat.

he did finally take it off after awhile.
the guys lost to corvallis and didn't make the playoffs.

it was a hard loss, but life goes on.

he and neusch went down to the batting cages at 8:30 tonight.
it is like a monsoon outside. sideways rain.
they are in the batting cages with the heaters blazing and the music blaring.

thank goodness for amazing friends and a spring sports on the horizon.

i love you zachary!

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