Sunday, November 1, 2009

{halloween day at the hunters house}

the boys left for the ducks vs usc game at about 10 a.m., so madison, calvin, and i had the house to ourselves all day. it was nice and quiet.

the kids got dressed in their "fright night" duck spirit shirts and we had orange rolls with spiders on them for breakfast. by the time we finally ate it was almost 11 a.m.

then we headed out to get lunch and to finish up their halloween outfits at goodwill. omg! madison's christmas turtle neck and vest were amazing! she makes a very cute nerd. she could pass for sure.

then we headed out to see paranormal activity. not scary at all. what was all the hype about? seriously dumb. i don't even know why it was rated "r".....waste of time, but kind of fun to do on halloween with the kids. on the way home we ran to papa murphy's to buy pumpkin shaped pizza for dinner and breadsticks for later that night.

nicole and a couple of friends showed up to come trick or treating. they all looked so cute and glamorous. loved nicole's outfit the best. cutest lady bug i have ever seen. and then there is my little nerd on the end. so funny. she definitely didn't fit in with the crowd. then again, she never does and i love that about her.

calvin and madison lookin' awesome and nerdy.

before the south/west game.

uh oh. look away grandma. nerdy smooch!
drove calvin back home today. zac's still at megan's house and i am addressing about a million senior all night party letters. tuckered out. ready for bed. night.


Missy said...

best nerd costumes ever. does maddy know she had a small animal on her head in that other pic? lol. I tried to pet it at the game. it bit me. ha hahahhahaha

Tammy said...

those nerds trick-or-treated at my house! we loved the "kick me" sign.