Friday, September 25, 2009

{homecoming bon fire}

the homecoming bon fire was last night at the high school.
i don't typically go....i mean i have gone once or twice, but didn't really think twice about going this year. zac didn't really make it sound like it was that big of a deal....and plus, he wasn't playing in the game.
boy....did i make a huge mistake!

senior boys at the bon fire. such a great group of kids.

zac warming up the heard me right. my zac was getting ready to make the inspirational speach for homecoming at the bon fire.

here he is sitting on top of all of the pallets before they lit them on fire with his bull horn. notice he is wearing a shirt in this picture because apparently in the next picture he starts stripping!

he pulls off the red shirt down to a white one and then eventually rips that one off and throws it on the burn pile and has NO shirt on! i guess everyone went nuts and was screaming and yelling.
he said people he didn't even know were high fiving him afterward.
can't believe i missed it. looking forward to the game tonight. that kid has some guts!

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Missy said...

ummmmm. that news spread like WILDFIRE!! I heard about it about 10 mintues after it happened and I wasn't there! so sad the girls missed the bonfire because of volleyball. He is a legend. I texted him and told him "i heard he was walking on hot coals naked". close enough. lol.