Monday, May 18, 2009

{stole this from madison}

''Stop selling yourself short. forget that whole 'keep your friends close, your enemies closer' baloney. ditch your enemies and devote your free time to getting closer to the people who make you smile and make you feel good about yourself. you can't put a lid on your feelings just to make other people happy. take control and act with your best interests in mind. live for yourself. so fail. be bad at things. be embarrassed. be afraid. be vulnerable. go out on a limb or two or twelve, and you will fall and it'll hurt. but the harder you fall, the farther you will rise. the louder you fall, the clearer your future becomes''

stole that quote from madison's myspace page today. i thought it was very good advice.


Miss Anne said...

i couldn't agree more.


p.s. let's get together!

Susanne P. said...

very true. she is so smart. ♥

Missy said...

very good indeed. awesome that a young girl of 13 "gets it". will free her of many burdens as she grows up. now we all have to remember it every day! :)