Thursday, May 28, 2009

{little update...short and sweet}

madison is still busy with track. she has a track meet at willamette on saturday that i am *shocker* going to miss...because of ladies night out. bummed big time.

the assembly at the kids school before the marshall game was fun! the juniors won the tug of war by a land slide. funny to be there and see zac with all of his crazy friends.

fed all of the kids lunch before we left....that's me in the back with the grey sweater...i have no idea what i was doing....i think it was right after i got roped into serving ham like a lunch lady with plastic gloves. it was kind of gross.

the kids lost their last game against glencoe by one dumb little point in the bottom of the eleventh inning! 2 - 3. they have a lot to be proud of. i will miss this team.

gearing up for ladies night out this weekend....way too much to do tomorrow. i am officially stressed out. you should see my list.


Missy said...

yay! lunch lady finally blogged! thanks so much for coming to Nicoles game tonight (and maddy). Sad Zac's season is over. When he was in today he said he's sad its over too. Sunday will be here soon and you can regroup. Monday is 5k training day!! wooooooo hooooooo.

Miss Anne said...

thanks for the update...
let's do a girls day/lunch again soon eh?