Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's the *8* things post!
8 Things I Look Forward To...
1.) burrito tuesday
2.) zac's football season
3.) madison's fall volleyball season
4.) vacations with my family
5.) blog surfing in the morning
6.) pedicures with missy
7.) sleeping in on the weekends
8.) going to vegas for my best friend's birthday
8 Things I Did Yesterday
1.) came home early from work
2.) burrito tuesday
3.) watched hot mess housewives while texting missy
4.) took a nap on the couch
5.) tried to curl madison's hair
6.) watched american idol with zachary
7.) made a spread sheet for the golf tournament
8.) ate plain apple cinnamon cheerios for dinner
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1.) stay home
2.) walk with my best friend every day
3.) have more time to read
4.) junk for a living
5.) travel more with my family
6.) go on a missions trip
7.) spend time down in elementary program
8.) become independently wealthy
8 Shows I watch:
1.) Real Housewives of Orange, Atlanta, New York, and holy cow, Jersey
2.) American Idol
3.) Dancing with the Stars
4.) John and Kate Plus 8
5.) Big Brother
6.) Little People Big World
7.) MTV Duel
8.) Big Love

I have nobody else to tag that hasn't already been tagged.
thanks for thinkin' of me miss anne.

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Miss Anne said...

miss your sweet self.


thanks for playing!