Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{tagged by jess and susanne}

once you are tagged you must take a picture of yourself right then and primping.

reasons it's horrible:
1. i look like i am punching myself in the face
2. i seriously need to wax my eyebrows.....holy brooke shields!
3. just home from a baseball game....all of my makeup is G-O-N-E.....but sadly, this is what i usually look like even with a little makeup on.
4. my hand looks like it is growing out of the side of my face
5. i need to dress up more often
6. i look really tired and annoyed.....and it shows
my tag victims...


Missy said...

ha hah hahahhahah. you look funny. I can take care of the brooke shields look for you bizzle. i luckily haven't taken my makeup off yet. and I worked today, so i don't look too bad. actually, now that I took the pic, it's bad.

Miss Anne said...

hey pretty.... you got the hotness at ANY time of day.

rock on brooke, ms.shields if you're nasty!

Susanne P. said...

you look like sweet kam to me. and you are tired i am sure. it's been a hell on you for the last month.

i love that all of our make-up is practically gone. apparently it isn't that good. lol

when i look at you it amazes me that we have been friends since the 4th grade. do you realize that is about 30 years!?! omg!

i lub' ya'! xoxo♥