Saturday, February 28, 2009

{madison's 13th birthday}

started the day by running through starbucks {of course} at 10 a.m.
venti coffee frappacino light coffee for me
tall passion tazo tea for madison
tall carmel frappacino with whipped cream and caramel sauce for taylor

picked taylor up at her house and headed to old navy in eugene to do some shopping for a little girl at one of john's schools. then, headed over to NIKE at oakway to try and find madison a duffle bag {with money from grammy and papa}, but no luck.

so, then we headed for olive garden for lunch. soup, salad, and bread sticks. yum!

madison and taylor both got new shades at charlotte roos. madison also found lots of cute outfits at hollister and a really cute new volleyball shirt at the duck shop. nice to have money burning a hole in your pocket.

both of the girls have been sick for a long time. taylor was running out of steam, so we decided to go and see a movie at 3:00......jonas brothers in 3-d. i went to pay for the tickets and the guy at the window says, "that will be $45!" what the heck. good thing i didn't know ahead of time or we definitely wouldn't have been seeing that movie.

it was kind of cute to see with two little girls.
got home around 6:00 and john took madison out for ice cream and cake at applebee's.

jonathan neuschwander is staying the night. the boys just ran to the store to turn in a ton of change and were going to go and rent movies.

hopefully it will be a peaceful night. happy birthday madison. i love you.

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Susanne P. said...

omg $15 a ticket!! you can't tell me those glasses cost that much. i heard the movie didn't do well. probably because it was too expensive.

it looks like she had a great time. i am glad she was up for it.