Thursday, February 26, 2009

{doctor detour}

made a detour trip to the doctor's office at 3:30 this afternoon.
she was doing so great and then hit a wall all of a sudden.
i really need to get back to work, so i decided to take her in hoping that they would send her home with a "Z pack" or something.
got the same ol' virus answer that i always get. why do i even bother.
they contributed her high fever to her getting ready to get sick again in the next day or so. he asked if she has lost her voice recently. my answer was a big loud "yes" since she sounded like a total dude all last week.
they did do an asthma test on her though {which we haven't had to deal with for a couple of years now} and she was only 10% of "normal," so he ordered her a new inhaler which i need to go pick up from the pharmacy. i was just too D-U-N to pick it up after her appointment.
john and i just got back from fred meyer. ran to get food for her birthday dinner tomorrow night.
hoping she will feel better for her big day on saturday.
and then there is this......missy was commenting on how much the kids have changed in two years. here is the comparison {notice zac's johnny cash look}

{freshman year 2007}

{ junior year 2009}

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Sunny and Darrin said...

I hope Madison feels better for her birthday! Not a good way to spend your first day of being a teenager!