Sunday, January 18, 2009

{this weekend}

  • chaperoned a middle school dance friday night
  • took six girls out for dinner at red robin
  • had same six stay the night
  • went on a date with my bff to carino's and the movies on saturday night
  • saw some people i used to know....they didn't say hi....i wasn't surprised.....i expected it. par for the course.
  • missy came over and we watched peace and quiet
  • madison stayed the night at tay's last night
  • grocery shopped today
  • bought a wii fit
  • coffee at starbucks
  • lunch with john at red robin
  • car wash
  • grocery shopped
  • tay staying the night here
  • jake and jonathan staying the night here
  • boys going to see grand torino at 10:30
  • girls are bored.....albany is boring
  • excited for tuesday's inaguration
  • bought supplies to make "obama" cupcakes
  • tay says i definitely need to make them chocolate. that's funny to me.
  • red, white, and blue sprinkles......obama flags.
  • hope. change. love.


Miss Anne said...

let's do something in January.


p.s. tomorrow= dress fitting! wheeeee!

Missy said...

love your cupcakes! yeah..... i saw the same people we used to know. sad.