Friday, January 9, 2009

{next wednesday}

so.....trying to get out of my funk.
anyway.....anne and i had talked about going out to dinner {with the whole crew} next wednesday....turns out that is the day i am going to my grandpa's for his christmas dinner {which got cancelled because of the weather}....
do any other dates work for you girls?
please leave a post and let's figure this shiz out.


Miss Anne said...

i could be available monday night too!

:) would that work?

x to the o!

Kambria said...

monday night i have a board meeting at sybaris in albany. geez...i am a total debbie downer.

Susanne P. said...

yea, monday is out. bailey has a choir concert.

wed night is out because cj has a wrestling meet that i might go to. i hate to say yes and then have to go up to sprague HS.

could we maybe do albany this time? it's not a big deal if not, i was just askin'. =)

we sound like we are all gettin' out our PDA's and checking our packed business scheduled life trying to fit things in. LOL kinda like on Cast Away between Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt were scheduling their xmas together. lol

Missy said...

FYI- my sister posted the beef enchilada recipe on her blog.
I will check my calender for next week. League basketball games start next week.

Miss Anne said...

sweet pea, you need to read my blog regularly...

read the one about girls night out... there's an update at the bottom ;)