Thursday, January 1, 2009

{happy new year}

who thought my uggs would get this much excitement?
funny story.....these are hand me down uggs from my friend teresa. they didn't fit her, or missy, or, like missy says i was the "cinderella" who inherited them because they fit my feet. believe me, i will take hand-me-down, black knit, oh so cozy, hardly used uggs any day of the week. smile.
so far today.....
listening to the rain beat against my window
finished "new moon" and started "eclipse" {nice to be reading again}
just got out of the shower {3 p.m.}
put on my new sweats and my cozy uggs
heading out to pick up some stuff at the store
zac's cleaning out his closet and has requested rubbermaid drawers {i'm all over that}
starbucks is a must
happy new year everyone.


Jessie said...

Are those a picture of your uggs...I fall over and die...those have absolutely shut it down. I think that closet cleaning sounds fabulous. We have so much space in ours...but full of crap :P Christmas decor is coming down and getting ready to hit Bend for the big shindig.
p.s...I will have to bring Breaking Dawn if you are reading through the books that fast! :)

Miss Anne said...

i just SCREAMED a little!

those boots are AMAZING!

so glad you're having a great day... relax, enjoy, and start the year a new!


Missy said...

if you are cinderella, does that mean that I am the ugly stepsister? I would rather be prince charming :)
Love that you have UGGS! I don't even have UGGS. My daughter has two pairs :(