Thursday, December 11, 2008

{the grand plan}

the grand plan for my day went a little something like this......

sleep in
bake, bake, bake
put bows and tags on all of my presents
how my day really went.......

madison home sick
get up early
go to doctor's in corvallis
drop her off at school

bake 3 batches of cookies
burn first batch and stink up entire house
fall asleep on couch with migraine.

hopefully tomorrow will go better. there is a dance that i technically don't have to go to because it's my day off, but that's what we do {huh, missy}, one more attempt at my
"dream day off".....hopefully tomorrow will go much smoother.

now i'm off to air out the house again that smells like burnt sugar cookies.


Missy said...

After I stop laughing I will give you some sympathy.
Ok, done laughing.
Only laughing because if we didn't laugh we would cry. We are full of good intentions and "dream days off" and it NEVER goes according to plan.
The burnt cookie pan is FUNNY. (funny in a loving way). You know I love you and am truely sad that your day sucked.
Yes, we do what we do because we are "us". Chaparoning the dance tomorrow. Ugggghhh. I will be there with bells on (and corndog).

Miss Anne said...

What a day girl!

So sorry it was so crazy! But look at all you got done! Cookies, bars, kids, oh my!

Sending you big {hugs}!

Quit showing off with your efficiency too, it's starting to make me look bad.