Sunday, December 7, 2008

{celebration of trees hangover}

it finally hit me celebration of trees hangover. i'm glittered, snowed, pine needeled up to my eyeballs and d-u-n done.
i think that is why i have to put my christmas stuff at home up so early because by the time the event is over i don't want to see another ornament for about 12 months.
we got all of the trees packed up and boxed today. thank you to the amazing crew that volunteered to come down and help.
i came home and baked a ton and will go down and finish up a batch of sugar cookies when i am done here. i have two other kinds of cookies to make, but i am just about up to my eyeballs in flour and need to take a break. i feel like i have worked about 65 hours this week with no break....oh yeah, i have.


Jessie said...

I feel like I've been hit by a bus.
Baking sounds fun! I think I am going to do some Christmas baking while Craig is gone this week. I think maybe I better start Tuesday though, or I might not ever catch up in the energy dept. Ugh!
Thank you for being so awesome through the event... you are amazing!

Miss Anne said...

You're awesome!
Kind of a {Super Woman} of sorts!

Susanne P. said...

hey! i have that same grey sweater. bailey says i look like 'cindy-loo-who' when i wear it. she's strange. lol