Wednesday, December 10, 2008


the kids and john were all gone earlier when i posted these pictures......but, my wireless keyboard was out of juice and i couldn't was very sad. but, john is home and came to the rescue.
here's our front door. very boring for christmas really. the only outside decorations this year besides a christmas tree to the right of the window with little white lights. boring.

these are zac's little baby gap shoes.....i hang them on the door knob every year and then pack them away to pull out the next year. it's so fun to see them every year. i don't think his size 10's would be so cute!

presents under the tree and my piggies too.

our message center with a note to maddie the other day.

am i the only one who sets up a gift wrap station? i love it. i set it up every november on a table in our bedroom with a red and white quilt. i store presents under the table and all of my wrap and ribbons on top. if i pick up tags or toppers anywhere i put them in a basket so i can see them easily. this table makes me very happy.


Missy said...

you are pretty amazing....
'nuff said...........

Missy said...

yes, you are the only one who is cool enough to set up (and have room for) a gift wrap station. i wondered why there was no words on this earlier.
Love the baby gap shoes. Oh, those were the easy days of parenting!!

Miss Anne said...

You ARE quite fabulous!

Love the idea of the wrap station! I may have to steal that and set one up!


the gap shoes and your piggies are adorable!