Monday, November 24, 2008


just so you stay in the "reality show" loop, bff.
i would be crying too if i married that idiot., the house in redmond. are you kidding me right now? we are so moving.
ask the neighbors if they want to sell.


Miss Anne said...

What the crap is this moving sh*t?

I dont approve.

I also dont approve of the fact that it's been much too long since our last lunch.

i miss you, your bff, your bubble, jessie and susanne.

Let's plan something pronto before i have a fit.

Jessie said...

oh man...he's such a jerk. oy.

Susanne P. said...

don't make me come hunt you down! i don't like to drive and would have to find someone to drive me there. lol

Missy said...

I saw this last night. I threw up a little in my mouth. I would have jumped off a cliff by now if I accidentally married that idiot. he is so gross.
Yes, miss anne. We do need a get together pronto! Everyone get there ass's over here for Thanksgiving. We have room.