Wednesday, November 5, 2008


{here is an explanation of the phrase "the bird is chirpping......}
for the record.....
there is a phrase i never want to hear again as long as i live.....
"lexie just ran under the fence with a bird in her mouth and it was still chirping!"
from now on whenever there is a crisis it will be referred to in code as
"the bird is chirping"


Miss Anne said...

oh my goodness!

we'll chalk that up with "i die" and "that's bananas"...

"the bird is chirping"

Susanne P. said...

now i understand you comment but i can one-up you on the actual bird chirping.

twice...twice!! my cat has brought in a bird that is still alive. she has brought in live small mice as well. it is a form of love. (you feed them, they are returning the favor)

ask me sometime when we are together about the bird that i had in my house that the cat didn't bring in!

i have a post on my blog about how i catch the fast lil' mice. a shop vac!!

Miss Anne said...


time for YOU to get postin'.

:) just a request.