Monday, November 3, 2008

{psalm 23}

this is why it breaks my heart that we didn't have a video camera when the kids were little. is a little known fact about me. to this day i can't watch "america's funniest videos" because it gives me so very much guilt.


Miss Anne said...

just wow.
that little girl knows more than most adults.

dont have guilt. you're an amazing mom.


Susanne P. said...

how cute is she?? i know of that verse but could never say it from memory. that is so sweet.

i know what you mean about the camera. we had one and took so video of bailey but didn't take any of cj. i feel guilt about not having the equality of baby pics/video betweet the two.

and as far as AFV, the kids and i record it everyday (repeats). we love it. i die everytime there is a video of a toddler getting bonked in the head with a big ball. sick and twisted i know but funny as hell.

Jessie said...

my heart just smiled. And yes!! You are a rockin' mom!!