Thursday, November 13, 2008

{more idaho love}

i really miss the girlies hanging out. we need to change that.
they are screwballs sho.
still trying to dig out of my hole of blah!
i will write more when i am more ambitious.
thanks for the card the other day anne. that was really thoughtful.
thanks for calling me every day missy.
thanks for going to eugene with me last weekend mom.
thanks for the sweet comments on my blog susan.
thanks for being my partner in crime at work jessie. i am so glad you are upstairs now.
this is my support system right now. today. november 11, 2008....i am really lucky.


Miss Anne said...

we heart you little lady!
funk or no funk, you're fabulous!

*thinkin' of you*

p.s. that "free hug" sign was for you! :)

Kambria said...

ahhh.....i love free hugs. thanks for all of the encouragement. i'm kind feeling like a big baby. believe me, i know it can be worse....way worse. i have it pretty good. i think i just need a pill. ha, ha. and, yesterday was the 13th, not the 11th. der.