Tuesday, November 25, 2008

{if only......}

in a former life i was a buyer for a great little store.
i got paid to shop.....can you believe it?
you heard me right. paid. to. shop.
....which is ironic because i hate to shop, but my theory is that i just hate to shop for myself, but love to shop for other people.
i ran across this blog a couple of months ago, but just re-visited it and i die.
even the name is stinkin' cute.
if i were to open another store......it would totally have this flavor.
not that i would, but i'm just sayin'......

in the mean time i just want my house to look like this for the holidays.
looks like i am heading to the feed store this weekend for a trough for the front porch.
john will have to give in because he says no christmas lights on the house this year......
this will be a great compromise.
dontcha' think.


Jessie said...

ohmygoodness! It's so warm and cozy feeling. I love this place. Craig was daydreaming about houses last night and I got sad...not because I'm not excited...problem is, I'm too excited!...and I've got to wait. again. for something else.
i'm tired of waiting.

Miss Anne said...

It's lovely!

I hope you get the trough! I think it's a neat idea.

Still waitin' on a time/place for us all to meet up!

Make today great!


Susanne P. said...

you rocked that store girlie. it never looked better than when you started buying for it. it was definately your calling.