Friday, October 3, 2008

{red head}

this picture showed up in my inbox this morning.....
missy madison must have taken it on the down low.
anyway...this is my new fall color....i love it so very much.
susanne.....i want to see your new doo.


Jessie said...

I forgot to tell you I LOVE THE RED! I keep seeing it while you're talking a space it by the time the sentence is over! :)

Miss Anne said...

LOVE it!!!!

I've considered going dark and adding chunky highlights...

love what you've done!

p.s. let's (me, you and susanne do coffee sometime soon!)


*thanks for your post on my blog Re: my canvases.*

Sunny and Darrin said...

LOVE IT! You go girlie!

Missy said...

You look hot. Who is your awesome stylist?