Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{my hutch}

i'm kind of over halloween already.....i think it's because zac has a game that night and my night is going to be all out of sorts because i won't be around when madison gets dressed {boo}, i will be sitting at a football game instead of handing out candy, and megan won't come over....which is always a bonus.

so needless to say, i wasn't really in the mood to decorate that new little hutch of mine. i just threw some ugly old halloween stuff i had and called it good.

everyone had such good posts this morning......

my new blogger buddy anne is getting married. can i get a whoop, whoop! and i think that we definitely need to set a date for lunch, dinner, whateva' darlin!

how does american dream sound?

susanne and missy if you are reading this you are invited too. and by the way miss susanne, your new doo is smokin' hot.

anyhoo.....on my way out the door. thank goodness it is almost 5:00 i am d-u-n-n done today.

getting my crap together this weekend......starting with a master plan and inspiration board. missy, start tearing out pages homey!

{and does it make me a little ocd that i can't stand my previous post for missy with the bright blue and yellow colors.....i can't wait until that post rolls over to another page because somehow it just doesn't fit on my blog....i have issues}


Jessie said...

Ohmy! I love this hutch Kam!! It's so you! Think of all the fabulous Christmas stuff you can do! YAY!

Missy said...

I LOVE IT. Can't wait to come over and see it.

Miss Anne said...

Nevermind me over here covetting your hutch.

YES, we MUST get together soon. Let's put something on the books (or it will NEVER happen)... you gals are in Philomath right??

heck we could even do a lunch during the day!


Kambria said...

We are in the Al to the bany. AKA "A-Town"

Miss Anne said...

well then.

(still not far... what works for you CRAZY ladies?)

Missy said...

Anne-- you are getting married!! I love weddings (gives me an excuse to wear hot shoes). Yes, lets set a date.
Kam- let's make a plan for my new space at the salon. Yes, you are OCD, but that one of the things I love about you.

Missy said...

Oh, and what the heck happened to my link from your blog. It's weird. check it out????? And my latest pic doesn't show up like everyone elses. Fix me (and my blog!)

Miss Anne said...

omg i JUST now saw your pic in honor of the upcoming wedding! Yay!!!

I SO will show you pics of the dress i want when we get together.

American dream works... when?

let's plan dis shit!