Saturday, October 18, 2008

{my advice}

when we were living in coos bay as a very young couple i had a dear friend give me the best advice that i never took......and i regret it to this day.
john and zachary were at her house with her 3 boys and her husband and she and i were walking with my newborn {madison} in their neighborhood.
i remember telling her that i couldn't wait to have another baby because {i had so many cool names picked out}......obviously there were other reasons, but to my 26 year old self that was just as good a reason as!! brought up the subject of having 3 kids. she told me that over the years they had talked about having their third and had a million reasons why they shouldn't, but couldn't think of many why they should......
until they had him.
and then she said to me {you will never regret having another child, but someday you may regret not having one}.....
i'm there.
my advice to any of you who are reading this is that if you think in even the tiniest way that you may want to have another baby......just do it.


Miss Anne said...

I can't wait to start trying (After March 2009).

You guys wanna get together tomorrow?? Dream or coffee??

Susanne P. said...

i was at that place but my body prevented it. a very early hysterectomy for me! blah!

i guess seeing where my life is now my body knew best.

make it happen girlie.

Missy said...

You know I would have another one in a minute. If I wasn't 37 yrs old. If my husband was on board. If I could stay home and not put them in daycare. If I didn't get to sick during pregnancy. You are right. Easier to say why you shouldn't.......... :(
Your baby is coming. I know it. You are talking about it and wanting it. It will happen. If I wasn't so bad at actually being pregnant, I would carry a baby for you.

Torikay said...

I am forwarding this to my hubby. We have been discussing having another one at some point. Thanks for the wisdom, I am only sorry that you learned the hard way! I am praying for an addition to your family soon! Have you considered international adoption? I have a good friend who has adopted two beautiful babies from Korea. If you are interested, let me know and I'll connect you.

Kambria said...

we have considered all sorts of adoption and that is the way we are leaning....we just finished the classes for dhs....who knows what will happen. i wouldn't want to have another biological baby....only adoption. we'll see what happens.