Thursday, October 16, 2008

{it's just my reality}

i mean.......
have you been watching top design? i try not to get hooked on decorating shows because frankly i watch way too much reality t.v., but lately i am hooked on this show.
the chickie poo above is andrea. i have been drawn to her all season because she is basically just a mama on a farm who doesn't really have real design experience and i more or less thought she could have been someone like me who just lucked out on the chance to be on the show......but then i found out who she really is........
andrea in ricky in silver spoons, the champ, and nypd blue ricky shroeder. that has ruined her appeal to me. but, i'm just sayin'.

this is natalie. she got kicked off last night and i am so bummed. she is super her early twenties and just a kick in the butt. i could totally be her friend. i totally want to be her friend. she has the cutest style and was my fave on the show. pisser. she's gone. my favorite, favorite show that is now O-V-E-R for the season (i die).....i absolutely, positively love brad and want him to be my bff. not that missy is replaceable {she's not} but if i had to pick a gay best friend he would totally be my will to his grace. love.

and to answer your question to my previous post about this show {susanne} the answer is a screaming YES! Taylor is a complete bizzle and mean to my brad and needs to brush her hair and pull the stick out. she is a hot mess.

shut it down.


Missy said...

I don't watch top design. I just recently heard that lady was married to ricky schroeder.
Thanks for not replacing me as a BFF. Brad can come live in our bubble as our gay best friend. I can't stand Taylor, she is a bizzle. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Susanne P. said...

i LOVE the dish! she cracks me up and since i don't watch a lot of the shows she talks about it is cool to get a recap.

i tried to TIVO the Rachel show but couldn't find it on my DTV guide. what night is it on?