Wednesday, October 29, 2008

{house envy}

i had to share this great blog i have been stalking for weeks now.
no.....seriously, that's the name of it. like food for my soul.
i want her house.....seriously. it's bananas.
and......i have more to update about my afternoon. i went from crazy insane ticked off to crazy insane hopeful and excited....
i will get back on and explain later.
my life is great right now. now i'm off to dish out yummy roast out of my crock pot.


Susanne P. said...

i think i have stumbled across this blog before. i love it, too. i don't really have a lot in common with her but when she decorates/redoes a room it is so kick-ass. this room is amazing. the colors and how eclectic it is makes it amazing.

can't wait to see what your next post is. =)

Sunny and Darrin said...

Love it! Maybe Maddie will let you do her room like this?!