Friday, September 26, 2008

{limo ladies}

the funniest thing happened at work today.
we got a phone call that someone was donating a {lincoln town car} to the club.
when jessie and i went to pick it up it was a
{lincoln town car LIMO}......

you know what that means.....we had to go pick madison up from school.

" holy crap. that can't be my mom and her friends yelling at us from the limo....please tell me it's not can't possibly be for me......."

"oh my's ashley holding up a sign for everyone to see....are you crazy? are you insane? what are you doing to me??"

"my mom and her friends are so weird."

now this is how you get picked up from school in style.

i love you madison.


Cardas Photography said...

OMG - That is RAD!!!!!

Sunny and Darrin said...

That is the funniest thing that I have ever seen! I can't believe that the club got a limo and I think that it is great that you picked madison up from school in it! Love the shot of Ashley out the moon roof! How fun are you guys!

Kambria said...

we are totally fun.....ummmm, i think you need to move back.

Susanne P. said...

well that's a memory she won't forget. how funny.

what a donation!

Missy said...

still laughing out loud.! You are so embarrassing and I love it.

Missy said...

btw.......ashley looks SUPER cute. Where are you? Who drove????

Miss Anne said...

how cool are you???

Love the SIGN! :)