Thursday, September 25, 2008

{i've been tagged}

the lovely and talented susanne has tagged me.

fact 1 * the sound of people crunching ice drives me nuts
fact 2 * i am obsessed with reality television.....right now it is {dancing with the stars}
fact 3 * i used to stay the night in my backyard in 8th grade and sneak out all night long
{another confession.....sorry mom}
fact 4 * i can get ready in the morning {showered and everything} in 20 minutes flat
fact 5 *i feel guilty for not being able to afford a video camera when my kids were little
fact 6 * i still want another baby {for people that know me....that's not too random}
fact 7 * i spend way too much money on coffee
o.k., so here are my tags for the day..........
and a couple of random people who will probably not respond, but i love their blogs.....
{have a lovely day}


The Buoy Family said...

Fact #6!!! I thought your talk of wanting to be a stay at home mom baking cookies was a slight hint to that:) does that mean you are going to have #3?? hope you guys are doing well...I stalk your blog all the time:)Im just bad at leaving comments

Liz said...

Aw... thanks for the tag! And dont feel too bad, I spend way too much money on coffee too.