Tuesday, September 2, 2008

{first day of seventh grade tomorrow}

tomorrow is the first day of 7th grade. madison is so excited....she had her first volleyball practice tonight and had so much fun. i think it was good to see everyone tonight before the first day. it was a nice little ice breaker.
madison loves her coach. says she is hard core....but, it sounds like she is going to teach them a lot and be a real positive influence on them all. it sounds like she isn't going to put up with any crap. i really like that already.

and i just had to swipe this picture from nicole. she looks so cute in her footed jammies. i can't believe she is going to be in 8th grade this year. i remember her bee-boppin' around at madison's baby shower in her little sailor outfit.

have fun at school tomorrow girls.

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Missy said...

these pics of maddy look like professionals. so cute and sweet..