Sunday, September 7, 2008

{acorn cookies}

it was kind of a weird fall day today....almost 90 degrees. craziness.
john and i went grocery shopping and i came home with the ingredients to make these cute little acorn cookies. i've been wanting to make them for a really long time now. i actually followed through. yah me!!

meg's over again tonight {3rd night in a row.....woo hoo}. i never get pictures of zachary, so i had madison run back downstairs and pretend like she was taking pictures of the cookies and snap one of the two of them. we are so sneaky.

meg was here to watch {the hills} with us and then to see what {brittney spears} comes up with tonight on the vma's.

dreading monday. and, i am wishing for rain.


Missy said...

so cute and I am very proud of you. gearing up for fall. being domestic with cute acorns.....
Hope Zac heals fast and gets back on the field!!

lipstickandlaundry said...

SUPER CUTE, I love to just look at the little acorns! I am glad you enjoyed them!