Sunday, May 4, 2008


madison stayed the night at taylor's house after the ms dance friday night.
this poor girl had no chance....just about every single one of her big brother's friends
were chaperoning the dance that night and every move she made
they had about six big football players surrounding her and any poor shmuck she was
dancing with with flashlights....telling the boys to watch their hands.
i'm not complaining.

then....last night she stayed the night with the 3 sweetest 7th graders you will ever meet in your life. it's kind of cool that the older kids include her.....not only are they older, but they are from a different school, so that makes it even more fun.

it doesn't hurt that she has known nicole since they were babies and cassandra since she was 4.

and grant if you are reading this.....jasmine....who is on the right is jeremy daniels daughter.

weird, huh?

heading to san francisco tomorrow. i really need to get to crack-a-lackin' on packing....i have done zip-o. as a matter of fact it is now 12:15 and i am still in my jammies.

two of the girls i am going with are bound and determined for us to get our picture taken on these steps on castro street. so....i think that will be a mission.

i'm sure we will visit fisherman's wharf. neither of them have been.

and i watched this movie last peace and my jammies with a blanket and no kids interrupting. it was really good....maybe my favorite.


"miss"understood said...

Have fun in san fran, best friend. I too love this movie. And our girls. All of them. They had fun staying the night last night and were fairly quite. I mean how loud can they be texting?

Cardas Photography said...

have fun! take lots of pictures :)