Saturday, May 24, 2008

{long time, no blog}

blurry little picture of madison and her friends last weekend....
slumber parties are the thing right now.
there is rarely a weekend where we don't have a gaggle of girlies at our house.....

i think zac is missing his friend, but had a great time last night with some new friends.

this is good.

due date quickly approaching.....can't wait to meet mac!

and sunny is finally out of the boot.

thought i would post this picture to let everyone in idaho see how ridiculous our driveway was that day. everyone else had a completely dry spot to park. could own sunriver right now!

THAT would have paid for you wedding.....and we'd all be tagging along on your honeymoon to pun intended.

have fun the rest of the week. hope everything went well in ontario.

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