Sunday, February 24, 2008

{sunriver...a weekend in review}

pull up to the house and check it out....gorgeous
10 minutes after we arrive
{sunny} pulls up, steps out of her car, slips on the driveway
and missy and i spend the next 5 hours in the emergency room.....

....and believe me there are all sorts of interesting stories i could tell after hanging out in an emergency room for that long.....{miss sunny sunshine} broke her leg in 2 places and will have to have surgery later this week....we will refer to this as {injury #1}

{saturday morning}

in the mean time...the {girls} really enjoyed the snow, until they decided to sled down a hill out in front of the house and {madison} plowed into a tree....

{injury #2}

...later that night we all decorated about 20 onesies for {tara's} baby shower....they were super cute and some were a little inappropriate for a baby, but were fun to make ...even if she can only use them to dust with.....

.....more details of the weekend to soon as i catch my breath and take a nap.

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